Cinder & Honey was established in 2013 by myself, Caitlin Benson. From start to finish I take care of everything including creating patterns, the stitchery itself and shipping out finished pieces. 

Embroidery started as a hobby for me and turned into a part time job where I get to be my own boss. Everything you see started out as a sketch on paper. From there (after many edits and revisions) it gets transferred to fabric and stitched! I sell my work as a finished, hand embroidered piece as well as patterns that you can purchase & stitch yourself.

I am inspired by the world around of me - most of all florals and nature. I believe flowers should last a lifetime & that's why I stitch them! There is so much diversity especially when it comes to florals, I'm constantly stitching them and coming up with ways to re work them and make them even more unique.

Every time you purchase from my shop you are supporting my creative adventure & my family. I am constantly creating and coming up with new ideas & patterns. It means the world to me to have fresh designs and beautiful stitchery available for you to display in your home. ♡

CONTACT: Feel free to reach me via email at